This manual is NOT intended to replace the indications established by other organizations, so it is important to follow the safety and hygiene instructions established by the health authorities at all times.


Before travelling
For your safety and that of everyone, it is important that you check your temperature and characteristic symptoms of Covid19 before starting the trip.
Pay special attention to the main symptoms:
– Fever
– Fatigue
– Dry cough
– Aches or pains
– Nasal congestion
– Abundant runny nose
– Sore throat
– Diarrhea
Protective equipment
Remember to bring your own personal protective equipment: mask, gloves and disinfectant gel and use it whenever you have to walk through common areas.
If you do not have personal protection material, ask our staff, we will indicate the closest places where you can buy it or, if we have stock at that time, we can provide it ourselves.
When you arrive at your stay, do not forget to disinfect the protective materials that may have come into contact with any surface in the environment or outside your stay.
In any case it is advisable to disinfect your hands with disinfectant gel at the entrance and exit of the accommodation.
Personnel Information
We work for your safety so it is important to comply with the instructions and warnings of our staff at all times. In the same way, you must communicate to our staff possible risks and dangers that you have been able to identify.
You must cooperate in providing additional personal information that we may request from you, due to the health crisis, and that is justified for the detection of a possible contagion.
Common zones
It is advisable, in common or transit areas, to avoid touching surfaces, except those that are for exclusive use. If you have any questions in this regard, consult our staff (we can also answer any questions by phone).
Whenever you meet someone outside your family or accommodation, you must keep a distance of at least 2 meters away. If they must cross in a narrow place, you must yield or lose the waiting until you have passed.
You should not share objects with clients or other employees if it is not necessary and, if you do, you must disinfect them and the object both before and after use.
In all cases, act with the utmost caution and, in case of doubt, ask our staff. When in doubt, avoid taking any type of risk.
Due to the disinfection processes, cleaning tasks require more time. For this reason, it is important that they scrupulously respect the times set for checkout. In even we recommend that, if it is feasible, they advance it as far as possible.